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Have you suffered from whiplash, serious personal injury, or property damage as a result of a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault? You might be entitled to compensation through a no win no fee road traffic accident claim with MJW Law.

There are hundreds of thousands of road traffic accidents and incidents in the UK alone every single year, with many resulting in injury. From minor whiplash all the way through to serious debilitating injury, road traffic accident claims help to compensate victims after being involved in an incident. Start the claim process below and see if you have a case.

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Types of Road Traffic Accident Claims




Being involved in a road traffic accident is a distressing experience that can have a big impact on your quality of life and psychological wellness. Aside from helping you to recover compensation for damages and any subsequent follow-up costs such as medical treatment or rehabilitation, successfully filing a road accident claim can also help you to move on.

We assist thousands of people in their road traffic accident claims every year, helping them to recover the compensation they’re due and get on with their lives. Our success rate is due in part to our team of road traffic accident experts and our partnership with leading medical agencies. And since we run a no win no fee model, there’s no cost to you until your claim is settled.


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What our clients say

Rebecca Hennessy took over our case and was exceptional. She was very patient, understanding and happy to explain everything to us when we felt overwhelmed with the legal jargon. Would definitely recommend her to help through any legal issues.

Paula Buchan

Very professional, Emily was absolutely amazing,she was with me through the whole process and we got the best outcome possible.they are the best

Adrian Vasilica Davideanu

I had the pleasure of dealing with Alec who was supportive, gave clear and logical advice and helped us through a case that was long and very drawn out. It was Alec that gave us the confidence to see it through to it successful conclusion. Great service.

David Gettins

The Claim Process

Free consultation call

We offer free consultation calls for you to explain your claim to us and provide any relevant information. You’ll speak to one of our dedicated road traffic accident experts, who’ll also tell you what the rest of the claim process looks like and provide any necessary legal counsel.

Claim evaluation

After we’ve spoken on the phone and our team is fully informed on the details of the situation, our legal executives carry out further research and investigation in collaboration with leading medical agencies. Assessing and evaluating the strength of your claim helps determine what compensation might look like.


If we believe you have a strong case, we can move forward to negotiating the details of the claim. Building your case out involves us collating all relevant evidence and completing the necessary legal forms, but we’ll keep your updated throughout the entire process.


Finally, if your claim is successful whether through court action or an external settlement, you’ll receive the compensation you’re due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a road traffic accident claim?

If you’ve suffered injury or damage to your property in a road traffic incident within the last three years, you could be eligible to claim compensation. There are a broad range of claim types that fall under the category of road traffic accidents, from whiplash to serious injury, so call us to find out if your claim is valid.

How long does a road traffic accident claim take?

The claim process for recovering compensation after a road traffic accident can take time, but exactly how long depends on a range of factors. How complex your case is, how cooperative the defendant is, and whether the case goes to court or not will all influence the overall time it takes to settle.

What can I claim for?

Road traffic accident claims aren’t just limited to recovering compensation for the direct physical harm caused to you in the incident, they can also cover:

  • Expenses incurred as a result
  • Resultant loss of earnings
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Home or vehicle adaptation costs
  • Ongoing care or support costs
  • Property damages

How long from the accident do I have to make a claim?

The general rule is that you’re able to make a claim within three years of a road traffic accident occurring, but this isn’t hard and fast. If you think that you have a valid claim, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more from our experts.

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