Redundancy Compensation Claims

Being made redundant can be a scary time in anyone’s life. An employer should do everything in their power to make sure that anyone who is made redundant is treated fairly.


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How much should you be paid from redundancy?


Redundancy pay may be different if your company has

non-statutory redundancy pay, as they can pay you above

and beyond the rate, where statutory redundancy pay does not apply. Under UK employment law, you are entitled to statutory redundancy pay if you have been with your employer for at least two years. You should receive the following based on the ages below:

  • Half a week of pay for each full year of employment in which you were under the age of 22.

  • One week of pay for each full year of employment between the ages of 22 and 40 inclusive.

  • One and a half weeks of pay for each full year of employment in which you were aged 41 or above.

These weekly payments are capped at £525, and the maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay is limited to £15,750.

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When is redundancy unfair?


Most redundancies are due to a role that has ceased existence due to changes within the company or the external world. If you do feel that you have been made redundant due to another reason, such as discrimination, this can be challenged and you should contact an employment law specialist for advice and next steps.

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