Plastic Surgery Trends of 2022

By the beginning of 2022, statistics indicate that three million people were looking forward to having a cosmetic procedure this year. The reason for such a significant number was that the Corona pandemic impacted the Britons’ aesthetics, making them mindful of how they looked.

The research of the year preceding 2022 indicated that plastic surgeons in the UK recorded a 70% increase in the clients who were requesting video consultations, Uvence, and all-natural cosmetic procedures. This article will discuss the trends that have seen the cosmetic industry gain popularity in the UK in 2022.

Cosmetic Trends for 2022

  1. Uvence
    In 2022, many patients are searching for natural alternatives for Botox treatment and filler. The innovation of Uvence as a bespoke cosmetic treatment is a timely solution that ensures that the patient’s cells rejuvenate their skin. Extraction of the cells is done on the patient before these cells undergo a purification process. After purification, the cells are re-injected into the area of interest according to the client’s requirements. These areas may be the face, the hands, the neck, or décolletage- for overall improvement of the skin appearance.
  2. Brotox
    The demand for coined Brotox, male Tweakment, has been rising in 2022, and their market has broken down the taboo notion of men and cosmetics. The perception of the male gender using cosmetic treatment shifted because of the pandemic which greatly affected the physical appearance of everyone in the UK. Brotox came in hand as a cosmetic for the male gender. Still, they prefer natural substances instead of the introduction of unnatural substances into their bodies. The natural invasive treatment of Brotox has come in to fill this demand gap and comes with skin tightening and liposuction.

  3. Express Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
    PRP is a non-surgical treatment that naturally relies on the healing power of your blood for the regeneration of your skin and to encourage new collagen. Usage of PRP ensures that your skin radiance, texture, and luminosity get better. Additionally, PRP by a high margin reduces ageing signs.

    Traditionally, PRP relied on many injections on the participant’s faces or other body parts. Revolutionary in 2022, the express PRP minimizes the discomfort of the patients by ensuring that the patient is getting all the skin brightening naturally and the natural rejuvenation benefits of platelet, which is rich in plasma, within a short period without the need for these many injections.

  4. Morpheus8
    The Morpheus8 treatment has gained popularity in the UK after the post-lockdown period. The treatment is minimally invasive and generally reduces sagging skin, wrinkles, and scarring. Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency energy in collaboration with the micro-needling procedure. The combination helps further stimulate the body’s natural collagen, which helps rejuvenate revealingly firm skin. The microneedle does Collagen production stimulation, which ensures that the skin breakage is minimal during the procedure.

  5. Kerastem Advanced Hair Therapy
    Estimates show that over 8 million people in the UK suffer from hair loss. Hairlessness is one of the most contributors to the lack of confidence in many women. Kerastem Advanced Hair Therapy has come to its rescue by providing hair treatment that uses fat-enriched tissue transfer technology. The use of stromal fractions ensures that it is possible to harvest your natural fats and regenerative stem cells and inject them into the scalp. Fat cells are used because they are essential for the growth of your hair, and therefore, restoring the stem cells and the fats to the scalp helps trigger the growth of hair. When hair growth is activated, it helps repair your lost hair.

  6. Skin Pinch Lift
    Over a third of the Britains admit that the aged appearance and the signs of stress negatively impact their mental health. Therefore, it is not surprising how skin pinch lift has gained popularity in the UK in 2022. According to plastic surgery doctor Olivier Amar, many patients have come out in 2022 to reverse the early stages of ageing to appear rejuvenated without anyone noticing that the reversal took place on their skin. Skin pinch lift helps the restoration of the sharp facial angles between the jawline and the neck. It also takes care of any skin that you can pinch under the earlobe.


Regenerative therapies have been increasing in 2022, with many people shifting to skin rejuvenation rather than making significant changes to their bodies. It is also essential to ensure that the procedures done on your body are according to the required standards. Cosmetic treatments and surgeries come with challenges and side effects if not done well.

If you’ve received a cosmetic procedure that falls below the legal standard and has resulted in injury or worsened condition, you could be eligible for compensation through a medical negligence claim with MJW Law.

Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is the term used to describe mistakes made by medical professionals – whether during diagnosis, treatment, or surgery – that cause further harm or suffering to the patient. Start the claim process below to see if you’re due medical negligence compensation.

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