Office Accident Claims

Working in an office may not be the most dangerous of environments, but there are still risks of an accident in any environment if there are not the correct safety procedures in place.


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What can cause

office accidents?

As an employer has to mitigate risk, so if an accident does happen it can be a failure of their duty. Some of the most common office accidents are due to:

  • Unsafe, inadequate, or damaged equipment

  • A lack of safety equipment

  • Dangerous working practices

  • Poor or no safety training for any tasks that training is deemed necessary

On the other hand, employees must assume a degree of responsibility in observing the rules and procedures that their employers declare to protect them from harm. If rules are not followed, this could affect your claim against an employer. If you are unsure where you stand with your claim, please contact our expert team on 0333 456 6611.

Are you apprehensive to make a claim?

This can be a familiar feeling among people who have had an accident at work as even though you may feel wronged by an employer, you may feel that claiming against your employer will put your job in jeopardy. Most employers have ‘Employers Liability Insurance’, which will pay compensation to employees in events of an accident. The insurance also ensures that employees that claim on this insurance cannot be subjected to disciplinary action for doing so.

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