Damp & Mould Housing Disrepair​

Many homes across the UK face damp and mould problems and if it is not taken care of in time it can have an effect on your health and way of living.  Damp or mould can appear in any type of accommodation, it does not matter if you live in a rented property or a council house, the first thing you should do is check the type of mould or damp you have and find out if the landlord is responsible for fixing this issue. If they do not rectify the problem, you may have a valid claim.

What type of damp can I claim against?

types of damp which can cause health problems and damage your property furniture, walls etc… is

• Rising damp – usually caused by problems with the housing structure
• Penetrating damp –  happens when bricks are broken, roof tiles cracked, or window frames
• Condensation – caused by showers, cooking and bathroom use over time

The landlord is obligated to repair damp and mould?

Rising or penetrating damp is the most straightforward to make a claim for housing disrepair, this is because it is more visible and the landlord’s responsibility to rectify the problem. The main reason this is more easer than condensation damp is that the landlord can say the house had poor ventilation and airflow in the property. At the very least, your landlord should get an expert to assess the cause of the problem, which should clear up any confusion as to who is responsible for repair.

How much compensation can I get for damp and mould problems?

If you are sure that the damp or mould was caused due to the property having problems then you can make a claim if your landlord keeps denying the issue. Successful claimants can get anything from £4,000 for mental distress caused by damp issues, up to £60,000 for severe and disabling asthma or breathing difficulties brought about by damp or mould.

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