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A large proportion of the UK population rent their accommodation from a landlord; however few tenants are fully aware of their rights when it comes to disrepair compensation. Here at MJW Law, we specialise in housing disrepair cases. Our team of experienced solicitors understand how difficult it can be for tenants to take action and make claims against their landlord.


While housing disrepair claims can be difficult, our team of expert solicitors will go above and beyond to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can feel at home once again. And with our no win no fee model, there will be no cost to you until your claim is settled.


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What our clients say

Rebecca Hennessy took over our case and was exceptional. She was very patient, understanding and happy to explain everything to us when we felt overwhelmed with the legal jargon. Would definitely recommend her to help through any legal issues.

Paula Buchan

Very professional, Emily was absolutely amazing,she was with me through the whole process and we got the best outcome possible.they are the best

Adrian Vasilica Davideanu

I had the pleasure of dealing with Alec who was supportive, gave clear and logical advice and helped us through a case that was long and very drawn out. It was Alec that gave us the confidence to see it through to it successful conclusion. Great service.

David Gettins

Free consultation call

If you believe that your current living situation doesn’t comply with health and safety standards, call us for free on 0333 456 6611 or request a call back. One of our housing disrepair specialists will be in contact to discuss some simple details to build an understanding of your claim and tell you what the next steps in the process are.

Claim evaluation

After we’ve spoken to you and gathered all the information we need from your free consultation, our team will assess the validity of your claim against your landlord. We will collate all relevant evidence to build the best case, this evaluation will help determine what your compensation could be.


Once we have evaluated your claim our housing disrepair solicitors will start the ligation process, pulling your case together and completing the relevant forms. Your dedicated solicitor will keep you informed throughout the process, and you will be able to ask questions at any stage.


Finally, your case will be settled either through the court or an external settlement. Once your case is closed, you’ll receive any compensation you’re owed.

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