Hospital Negligence Claims

Hospitals should be a safe place to be treated for injury or illness. However, in some cases, you can be mistreated, through lack of sufficient care (negligence from care providers) or having the wrong medical advice or treatment prescribed.


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What are the most common hospital negligence cases?


At MJW Law, we deal with a wide range of cases of clinical negligence and a vast majority of cases are based around:

  • Delays in treatment

  • Acquired infections from hospitals (e.g. MRSA)

  • Neglectful care by staff

  • Mistakes in surgery

  • Errors in prescribing medication

  • A&E negligence and treatment

Mistreatment and negligence occur within both NHS and private hospitals, and should be pursued based on legal advice given by a legal specialist in clinical negligence. We can understand your case and give you advice on what to do next, and you can contact us on 0333 456 6611.

What type of compensation can I receive from a hospital negligence claim?


When reviewing a case, there are many factors to consider in calculating the amount of compensation you would be estimated to receive, including:

  • Physical damage – this could be ongoing pain or physical issues that have led to an impact on your quality of life

  • Psychological damage – negligence and mistreatment can cause psychological trauma depending on your experiences

  • Ongoing medical care or treatment – usually if there have been mistakes in surgery or medical treatment, there will be the need to have further treatment or care to improve your health

  • Loss of income – as you may not be able to work due to negligent care, we will look to recover loss of earnings. In extreme cases, we will also look to recover predicted future earnings if you cannot return to work for an extended time.

  • Adaptations to your environment – if negligence has led to permanent injury, there may be a need to modify your living space for mobility.

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When talking to our experts, we will understand fully how the negligence has impacted your life and evaluate your case through medical records.

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When instructing us for your negligence claim, our team of dedicated experts will ensure that you receive excellent service, advice and more importantly, a successful outcome from your claim.

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