GP Negligence Claims

When seeing a GP you expect professionalism and accurate diagnosis of illnesses, but this is not always the case as sometimes symptoms can be missed, and a GP can be negligent in their service to you.


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What is classed as GP negligence?


Negligence can be related to professional inadequacy or a GP purposefully not supporting your needs. We can help if a GP has failed to:

  • Refer you to a specialist (when needed)

  • Refer you for investigations or tests (when needed)

  • Review your medical history before making important medical decisions

  • Conduct an equate examination

  • Prescribe the right treatment or medicine

  • Correctly diagnose a medical condition

What are the impacts of GP negligence?

Apart from the obvious physical impacts of a GP’s negligence leading to further ill health and suffering to you as person, it can have profound effects on your emotional wellbeing and affect your family around you. Further impact it can have on your life is the inability to continue working due to your condition or illness getting worse from negligence, which can mean financial losses to you and your family.

How can we help with GP negligence claims?


If you have been a victim of negligence by a GP, our legal experts can help understand your case and provide the compensation you deserve. Your compensation can provide you with access to the possible treatments you need to rectify the ill-advice of a GP and cover any losses you’ve had, whether financial or physical.

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Our expertise in clinical negligence means we can provide you with the best legal advice from the outset. We will talk you through the process and gather information to understand your claim.

Our Process

Your claim will be evaluated.

When talking to our experts, we will understand fully how the negligence has impacted on your life and evaluate the severity of your injury through medical records.

We will negotiate your claim.

When instructing us for your GP negligence claim, our team of dedicated experts will ensure that you receive excellent service, advice and more importantly a successful outcome from your claim.

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