Dental Negligence Claims Compensation

Dental treatment is often something that we do not look forward to but usually treatment is without any lasting trauma. However, mistakes can happen and this can lead to ongoing pain and trauma, which should not be acceptable from any health professional. At MJW Law we’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve.


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What are the most common cases of dental negligence?


We deal with a wide range of dental negligence claims, but the most common cases are:

  • Periodontitis (gum disease), where a dentist has failed to diagnose and treat the disease.

  • Cosmetic procedure issues or complications. An example of this is fitting of veneers, crowns, bridges, or teeth whitening, which has been problematic.

  • Wrongly fitted implants, where the dentist has made a mistake in fitting the implant.

  • Tooth extractions, where nerves and gums are damaged, or the wrong tooth is removed.

What can I claim for if

I have suffered from

dental negligence?


We handle every case on an individual basis. To fully understand and estimate the amount of compensation you should receive we will account for the following factors:

  • Pain and suffering – this will be regarding the severity and the timespan over which this has occurred and whether this will impact future quality of life.

  • Loss of earnings – due to pain or having to take time off for further treatment.

  • Cosmetic issues – such as loss of a tooth or swelling due to complications in dental procedures.

  • Further treatment – such as treatment to rectify issues caused or cosmetic procedures to fix issues such as a lost tooth.

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Our expertise in dental negligence means we can provide you with the best legal advice from the outset. We will talk you through the process and gather information to understand your claim.

Our Process

Your claim will be evaluated.

When talking to our experts, we will understand fully how the negligence has impacted on your life and evaluate the severity of your injury through medical records.

We will negotiate your claim.

When instructing us for your dental negligence claim, our team of dedicated experts will ensure that you receive excellent service, advice and more importantly a successful outcome from your claim.

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