Defective Equipment Claims

When working with equipment and machinery, there is a need for any equipment to be working efficiently for your safety and effectiveness of work.


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Not only can defective equipment be counter-productive to completing a job effectively, but it can have life-threatening effects when equipment is faulty or defective.


Our dedicated team of experts have helped many people make faulty equipment claims after being injured at work. From past examples, injuries are often caused by:

  • Poor maintenance/inspection of machinery

  • Inadequate personal protective equipment

  • Lack of a proper health and safety assessment

What classes as 'defective work equipment?'


This is equipment that does not work as intended, and if the defect causes you an injury, that could include equipment such as:

  • Electronic and electrical equipment

  • Machine guards and stop controls on machinery

  • Power tools

  • Hand tools

  • Ladders and scaffolding – incorrect installation or defective

  • Defective safety ropes and harnesses

  • Missing covers and lids on dangerous equipment

What is an employer's duty of care?


It is an employer’s duty to make sure that any equipment that is used is in good working order, is maintained following care guidelines, has professional inspections if necessary and that anyone using equipment is adequately trained.


If you believe you have been injured because of defective equipment, then your employer has been negligent and failed in the duty of care to you. Contact our team at MJW Law today for the best legal advice for your claim.

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