Constructive and Unfair

Dismissal Claims

If you feel like you have resigned from your job because your employer has seriously breached their employment contract, you may be able to claim for constructive unfair dismissal.


More Information

What cases of constructive dismissal have we

dealt with?


At MJW Law, our experienced team of consultants have dealt with a variety of cases. The most common cases of constructive dismissal are:

  • Irregular payments, both by amount and payment date, without good reason.

  • Resigning due to discrimination or bullying.

  • Grievances that are not acted upon by the employer.

  • Unreasonable changes to working patterns or place of work without agreement.

What are my rights in making a constructive dismissal claim?


You usually have the right to make a constructive dismissal claim if:

  • You have worked for your employer for over 2 years.

  • You have ’employee’ employment status.

  • The claim is made within 3 months of resigning.


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Our Process

Your claim will be evaluated.

When evaluating your claim, we will need to gather supporting evidence to give our expert team the highest possibility of a successful outcome.

We will negotiate your claim.

Once we have gathered evidence for your claim, we can prepare your case for the highest chance of success when the case is taken to a tribunal.

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