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If you’ve received medical care that falls below the legal standard and has resulted in injury or worsened condition, you could be eligible for compensation through a medical negligence claim with MJW Law.

Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is the term used to describe mistakes made by medical professionals – whether during diagnosis, treatment, or surgery – that cause further harm or suffering to the patient. Start the claim process below to see if you’re due medical negligence compensation. 

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Although the healthcare system deserves our trust, there are plenty of incidents of medical negligence that occur every year. We help those who suffer injury, distress, or financial losses through medical negligence recover the compensation they deserve.

Our team of clinical negligence specialists, working alongside legal executives and highly-rated medical agencies, can help you to determine whether you’re due compensation. If you think you’ve got a medical negligence case, book your free initial consultation call and start the claim process. Our no win no fee model ensures you don’t pay a penny out of your own pocket.


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Rebecca Hennessy took over our case and was exceptional. She was very patient, understanding and happy to explain everything to us when we felt overwhelmed with the legal jargon. Would definitely recommend her to help through any legal issues.

Paula Buchan

Very professional, Emily was absolutely amazing,she was with me through the whole process and we got the best outcome possible.they are the best

Adrian Vasilica Davideanu

I had the pleasure of dealing with Alec who was supportive, gave clear and logical advice and helped us through a case that was long and very drawn out. It was Alec that gave us the confidence to see it through to it successful conclusion. Great service.

David Gettins

The Claim Process

Free consultation call

The first step to recovering compensation through a medical negligence claim is to get in touch with us for a free consultation call. You can call us without cost on 0333 456 6611 or request a call back and one of our medical negligence legal specialists will ask you some questions to gather all the relevant information.

Claim evaluation

After we’ve collated everything we need from you in the initial consultation, we evaluate your claim by investigating the party at fault, the consequences of their actions, and the legal precedent. We’re medical negligence experts, so we know exactly what’s needed to make a solid claim.


The next step is for us to begin legal proceedings and negotiate your claim on your behalf. This involves us pulling together the case, completing any relevant forms, and even providing evidence in court for you, if required. You’ll be kept in the loop the entire time to ensure you know where things are up to.


Finally, once a verdict has been reached on your claim, whether in court or externally, your case will be closed and you’ll be paid the compensation you’re due.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’ve suffered from medical negligence?

Medical negligence is a broad term that covers many areas of medicine and care. GPs, nurses, doctors, and surgeons can all be medically negligent at various stages of the healthcare system, from initial diagnosis through to surgery. If you think that a medical professional has lapsed in their duty of care to you, resulting in injury or worsened condition, get in touch to find out if you can claim.

How long after receiving negligent medical care do I have to claim?

Generally, you only have three years from the instance of medical or clinical negligence (or, alternatively, from when you discovered the negligence) to file your claim. However, there are usually exceptions made for children and people who are unable to make a claim for themselves.

What can I claim for?

Medical negligence can take many forms, from misdiagnosis at a GP that results in your condition worsening to surgical mistakes that cause direct injury or exacerbation of your existing injury. Along with damages for injuries, some medical negligence claims can also provide compensation for:

  • Expenses incurred as a result of injury
  • Resultant loss of earnings
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Home or vehicle adaptation costs
  • Ongoing care or support costs

How long does a medical negligence claim take?

The amount of time it will take to settle a medical negligence claim from start to end depends on a great number of factors, from the complexity of the case to the cooperation of the defendant party. However, no matter how long it takes, we will stick with your case the whole time.

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