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Litigation is a very serious aspect of a client’s case and our litigation team act for clients whether they are individuals or businesses alike.

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Whilst civil litigation should always be a last resort, it is necessary you feel satisfied that you have the right civil litigators on your side.

MJW Law has extensive experience and expertise in the tactics and steps necessary to provide effective civil legal advice and secure the best outcome for each client’s civil litigation case.

If you are interested in instructing MJW Law to deal with your contract dispute or debt recovery please contact us on 0333 456 6611 and ask to speak to one of the teams who will guide you through the initial process.

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As one of our clients, you can be assured that we have an impressive track record in dealing with a broad range of civil litigation cases from the small claims court to the High Court. When you call us at MJW Law, you will only talk to our experts, meaning you’ll be in safe hands.

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Once we know the needs of your case, we can provide immediate advice on a full range of litigation matters. We’ll offer a preliminary consultation to help you understand the legal and practical issues related to your case, meaning you can make an informed decision on what action to take.

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When you are sure of what route to take, we can assist with proceedings, whether the case is kept out of court (e.g. mediation, arbitration or conciliation) or is taken to court, we’ll be with you throughout the process to assist you in getting the most successful outcome to the case.

Civil Litigation FAQs

For Civil Litigation cases, you may have to go to court; but this may change depending on the case. Usually, if a settlement is not agreed between you and the other party, you would have to settle at court. However, if you can reach an agreement prior to court proceedings you could potentially avoid going to court.

Solicitors are bound by the Solicitors Code of Conduct and confidentially which ensures that no disclosures about your specific case can be made to anyone outside the team of lawyers working on your case, without your own permission.

We must note that the court does have the power to order your solicitor to disclose certain information that is relevant to the case to the other party for the sake of conduction a fair trial and civil procedure. This will include specific documentation that you would disclose to your solicitor regarding your case.
In short, yes, there is a time limit to make a claim due to the Limitation Act 1980. There are some differences in the time limit, depending on the claim but as an example, for contract breach claims, six years from the breach of the contract is the limit for you to bring a claim. For personal injury claims, these should be brought within three years from the date the loss was suffered.
An alternative dispute resolution is a group of methods, which avoid court proceedings to resolve a dispute. There are three popularly used methods, which are mediation, conciliation and arbitration.
Mediation involves a third party, which helps both parties of the civil case come to a resolution or agreement. This is a voluntary method, which requires both parties to consent to this process.

Conciliation is also voluntary but differs from mediation in that the conciliation may be asked by the parties to provide a settlement proposal that is non-binding in nature for both parties to consider.

With arbitration, this is also voluntary, but this usually is the recommended process if the parties contract includes an arbitration clause in their contract. The main difference with arbitration is once proceedings are initiation, a party is not entitled to withdraw from the proceedings unilaterally, and the decision that is made is final and enforceable.
There are quite a few ways you can seek to fund a dispute. Below are some legal fee options: (to see more detail take a look at our legal fees):

  • No win no fee basis
  • Hourly rate basis
  • Damage Based Agreement
  • Disbursement Funding Arrangements
  • Third-Party Funding
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