Amputation Compensation Claims

Loss of limbs can make a significant difference to your future life and learning to adapt can be challenging. Whether you or a loved one has been involved in a road traffic accident, workplace accident or had medical complications that have led to an amputation, we are here to advise you of the best route to take to receive compensation for your amputations claim.


More Information

How can we help with an amputation injury?


Although we cannot change what has happened to you, at MJW Law we are here to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve.


We will work with you to provide legal assistance and support your amputation claim, and will help you to face issues surrounding employment, housing, medical care, and therapy.


What amount of compensation would I receive from a successful amputation claim?


As the severity and trauma is usually more significant than other personal injury claims, the financial settlement would likely also be more significant. To address how much you would be likely to receive for an amputation claim, we would look at the following areas to calculate the claim:

  • The need for rehabilitation or retraining

  • Prosthetics

  • Adaptations needed to your home

  • Specialist equipment for home or travel

  • Healthcare support or assistance

  • Medical treatment and therapy

We will use the above criteria to begin building a case for you, taking into account the severity of the injury and the impact it will have on your future life (e.g. the impact on future earnings and quality of life).

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Experienced in amputation injury claims, our specialists will talk you through the claims process and understand your case.

Our Process

Your claim will be evaluated.

When you speak to our experts, we will collate medical evidence alongside any accident evidence to build your case.

We will negotiate your claim.

When instructing us for your amputation injury claim, our team of experts ensure you receive excellent service, advice and more importantly a successful outcome from your claim.

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