10 Things to Do If You Have a Cycling Crash

It is no doubt that cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users. From careless drivers to damaged roads, a cyclist faces many hazards on the road. It is therefore essential to maintain high safety levels when riding a bicycle. Being safety conscious does not mean that you are crush-proof. But sometimes accidents happen, even when we take all the necessary precautions. If you’re unlucky enough to have a cycling crash, here are ten things to do to minimize the damage.

  1. Contact A Police Officer.
    When you are involved in a crash, you should first contact traffic police immediately especially if someone has been injured. This is because the record of events they will help you prove to the insurance company your version of this story. Additionally, if the case goes to court, the information gathered by the police will be admissible. It may help you prove your case.
  2. Obtain Driver Information
    If you are in a crash with a motor vehicle, no matter how minor it might look, it is essential to exchange information with the motorist. The report includes the name, address, phone number, licensed number plate of the vehicle involved, make of car, and insurance policy number. If you ride away without exchanging information only to realize that you are injured, you will have no recourse to pursue compensation for your injuries.

  3. Seek Immediate Medical Attention
    When you crash with a motor vehicle, check yourself for any pain or injuries and seek medical attention immediately. Even if you are feeling okay (you may be in a state of shock), you should seek medical attention so that the doctor can evaluate you and confirm that you don’t have internal injuries. If you delay seeking medical attention, it will be challenging to seek insurance compensation in the future or to present a case in court after realizing later that you were injured. Immediate medical records will help you link the accident to your injuries. Unfortunately, an accident between motor vehicles and cyclists often results in severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries, which you may not realize on time unless you seek medical attention. No matter the extent of your injuries, you have to consult a doctor immediately and get an evaluation.

  4. Do Not Negotiate with Insurance Companies
    The insurance company of the driver who you have had a crash with may call you and try to settle things out before you gather information to support your claim. Don’t go into negotiations with these insurance companies. Representatives of the insurance company may also try to force you into recording a statement about how the events went down, hoping that you may contradict yourself and the fault gets thrown at you. You should know that you are under no obligation to speak to any insurance company or their representative.

  5. Wait for Medical Examination Settle Your Case
    When the insurance company of the driver you are involved in an accident with realizes that their client is at fault, they will try to convince you to accept the settlement as immediately as possible. Please note that they are doing this for their protection and NOT for your good. Wait for a medical examination to be complete before you take any settlement. It would help if you only considered compensation when you have fully recovered.

  6. Seek Advice from A Lawyer
    Only call your insurance company after you have talked to a legal representative who has experience in such accidents. The legal representative is the one who will negotiate with your insurance company and can represent you if the matter escalates to court. You should know that you have the same rights as a vehicle driver, and you need the same respect they get.

  7. Avoid Any Negotiations with The Motorist
    Do not try and negotiate with whoever you are involved in the crash with, even if they admit they are at fault. The party you are interested in the accident with may decide to change their statement and entirely deny being the cause of the accident.

  8. Collect Evidence
    If you are in a position to either take pictures of the scene or record a video, do so immediately the accident happens, and after calling the police. The images and the videos should include the damages that have happened to your bicycle, the injuries you have sustained, the damage caused to the other party, and any interference to street signs or traffic signals. If you have a camera device attached to your helmet or your bike that has been recording as you are riding, preserve them immediately.

  9. Get The Information from The Witnesses.
    The presence of witnesses at the scene is crucial because they will be able to narrate what they saw firsthand. The drivers are often distracted, and they may not know exactly what happened to cause the accident. An account of the witnesses will describe exactly what transpired even if you did not see the vehicle coming toward you. The witnesses will provide sequential details of how everything happened so that the party at fault is determined. When you feel it is safe to collect the information from the witnesses, make sure you record their phone numbers, and where they live, and in case they have business cards collect them before you leave the scene of the crash.

  10. Don’t Admit That It Is Your Fault.
    When the police are counter-checking the details, you never admit that it was your fault. You might be thinking it was your fault when it was the fault of the motor vehicle.

Final Take Away

Accidents are unforeseen, and when you get into a cycling accident, don’t worry! You’re not alone and our team of specialists are here to help. We have 17 plus years of experience helping cyclists get the compensation they deserve, and we offer a no win no fee guarantee, so you can focus on getting better. Contact us today to make your claim and receive up to 85% of your damages. Click here to learn more.

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